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This page directs you to the blog for Stephen L Baxter the Australian speaker, teacher, pastor and musician who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. (So this is not Stephen Baxter, the British sci-fi author)

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About Stephen L Baxter

Pastor at Hobart Baptist Church Mission Director for Tasmanian Baptists Chair of Tasmanian Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast Former Publisher of On Being and Alive magazines
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2 Responses to Stephen Baxter’s Blog

  1. Nathan Lattimore says:

    Hey Stephen 🙂

    Been meaning to check this for ages, some really good insights on the bit about Paul’s ‘big No experience’. It’s really interesting to think about, that your plans can have the very best of intentions, and yet God could be still wanting something completely different from you. It reminds me of Isaiah 64:6, the filthy rags bit. Even our best plans, if God has different plans, they aren’t really worth much. This seems really hard as well, trying to think how it works practically… How do we ever know if what we are doing is lining up with what God is doing? I guess that’s part of what faith is?… Because God isn’t always going to provide a nice, clear, impossible-to-miss ‘NO’, is He?

    Interesting stuff 🙂

    • Hi Nathan. While it’s true that God rarely puts answers as (figurative) Neon lights above our heads, my experience has been that if I am moving in a direction then it is far easier to see a STOP sign, than if I am not moving at all. So the key is to be taking steps and moving. People often describe this as pushing on a door (ie actively moving), and if it opens you have your ‘YES”. If it doesn’t it’s a ‘NO’.
      Paul was actively moving as he was set on his intention to travel into Asia one time and Bithynia the next. He did get a (figurative) Neon NO, although we are not told how that occurred – maybe a dream, maybe a prophecy as they prayed, maybe the donkey cart fell over and a river flooded! Be assured, if God really doesn’t want you to go a particular direction, he will make it abundantly clear.

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